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Arch Linux Newbie FAQ

This page is intended to be a page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Arch by new users. Feel free to add or modify any terms, but please use that particular section's edit option.

How do i automount/mount something?

if you use gnome, install gnome-volume-manager

pacman -S gnome-volume-manager

If you don't want to use gnome-volume-manager, check out the AutoFS HowTo.

How do I reduce the amount of kernel modules loaded/shown in lsmod?

if you are using kernel26, edit /etc/mkinitrd.conf. Enable auto-detection of HOSTCONTROLlER and FILESYSTEMS.


if you are using kernel26beyond, edit /etc/mkinitramfs.conf.

How do I connect to my wireless network?

How do I connect to my wired network?