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Basic commands

Command Description Example
man Show manual page for a command man ed
cd Change directory cd /etc/pacman.d
mkdir Create a directory mkdir ~/newfolder
rmdir Remove empty directory rmdir ~/emptyfolder
rm Remove a file rm -r ~/file.txt
rm -r Remove directory and contents rm -r ~/.cache
ls List files ls *.avi
ls -a List hidden files ls -a /home/archie
ls -al List hidden files and file properties
mv Move a file mv ~/ ~/archive/
cp Copy a file cp ~/.bashrc ~/.bashrc.bak
chmod +x Make a file executable chmod +x ~/.local/bin/
cat Show file contents cat /etc/hostname
strings Show printable characters in binary files strings /usr/bin/free
find Search for a file find ~ -name myfile
mount Mount a partition mount /dev/sdc1 /media/usb
df -h Show remaining space on all partitions
ps -A Show all running processes
killall Kill all running instances of a process