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#REDIRECT [[Arch-based distributions#2011]]
[[es:Arch Hurd Project]]
[http://www.archhurd.org The Arch Hurd Project] is a port of Arch Linux to the GNU Hurd platform. It was founded on 2010-01-04 by Michael Walker (Barrucadu) and, with input from a variety of people including Allan McRae (allan), Matthias Lanzinger (melpo), and Alexander Preisinger (giselher), the project has made excellent process (as of 2010-08-24). The Hurd is [[GNU]]'s quest for the perfect free software kernel and despite that, unfortunately, is quite often neglected, even by GNU developers themselves - as can be seen by the extensive number of patches on important packages (such as glibc) in the repositories. The Hurd is a microkernel running a collection of servers which implement the rest of the functionality of a Unix kernel.
Despite having no SATA, USB, PCMCIA or sound support, Arch Hurd has gained a small following of interested users and hackers, and continues to accelerate in development (a trend which may decline with the start of the next academic year).
== Try Arch Hurd ==
There is a livecd available on the Arch Hurd website, which you can use to install or try Arch Hurd. Note that you will not be able to boot from a SATA CD/DVD drive.
We have a variety of ways for you to get involved or simply keep up to date with developments
* [http://lists.archhurd.org Mailing lists]
* #archhurd on Freenode

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