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Don't be shy. Feel free to help others. All the support in the channel is provided by volunteers.  
Don't be shy. Feel free to help others. All the support in the channel is provided by volunteers.  
Most questions get answered by "just another user", just like you. Even the ''devs'' that frequent the channel do so on their own time, by their own accord, by their own free will.
Most questions get answered by "just another user", just like you. Even the ''devs'' that frequent the channel do so on their own time, by their own accord, by their own free will. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Citation_needed citation needed]]
== None Of This ==
== None Of This ==
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= Other usefull information =
= Other usefull information =
== Abbrevations and jargon ==
== Abbrevations and jargon ==
; RTFM : Read The Fine Manual (Yes, ''fine'' and not ''f*ing'')
; RTFM : Read The Fucking Manual (Yes, ''fucking'' and not ''f*ing'')
; RTFW : Read The Fine Wiki (Yes, ''fine'' and not ''f*ing'')
; RTFW : Read The Fucking Wiki (Yes, ''fucking'' and not ''f*ing'')
; RTFB : Read The Fine BBS (Yes, ''fine'' and not ''f*ing'')
; RTFB : Read The Fucking BBS (Yes, ''fucking'' and not ''f*ing'')
; [{core,extra,testing,unstable,other}] : Usualy denotes a [[Official_Repositories|repository]]. Example: "nvidia drivers are in [extra]"
; [{core,extra,testing,unstable,other}] : Usualy denotes a [[Official_Repositories|repository]]. Example: "nvidia drivers are in [extra]"
; AUR : Arch User Repository
; AUR : Arch User Repository
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; ltt : less than three -> '<3' -> 'love'
; ltt : less than three -> '<3' -> 'love'
; TU : Trusted User
; TU : Trusted User
; BBS : Bulitin Board System -> 'forum'
; BBS : Bulletin Board System -> 'forum'
= List of channel operators =
= List of channel operators =

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Do not edit this page unless you are an channel op in #archlinux.
You are welcome to use the discussion page.


The official Arch Linux IRC channel is #archlinux on the Freenode network.
There are also a number of other channels dedicated to Archlinux mantained by comunity members, see http://www.archlinux.org/irc/.


To join the channel, you need an irc client. List of irc clients

/connect irc.freenode.net
/join #archlinux

The channel is currently +R. That means that you have to register and identify with the NickServ service before you can talk in the channel.

/msg nickserv help register
/msg nickserv help identify

Channel Rules

  • Follow the guidelines
Freenode network policy.
Freenode channel guidelines.
#archlinux channel guidelines.
  • Client settings and bots
    • If you want to bring a bot into the channel, then ask an operator before you do so.
    • Auto-response in channel or in pm is not allowed. The only exeption are 'away' responces at nick highlight.
  • Channelbot usage
    • There is only one official channel bot. 'phrik n=archbot@archlinux/bot/phrik'
    • Try to limit the bot usage in channel. Remember, you can '/query phrik' when the output isn't needed in-channel.
    • No spamming of bot commands.
  • Advertising
    • Advertising are not allowed unless an op have given you a permision to do so.
  • Content/links
    • The main topic of the channel is support for and discussion about Archlinux.
    • Talk about general software and hardware is also allowed when it don't interfer with the main topic of the channel.
    • Anything that is not covered by the previous statements is handled on a case-by-case basis at the op's discretion.

Channel Guidelines

The main language of the channel is English. If you need help in another language, see the link above regarding other Arch Linux channels.

Try to keep the channel somewhat family/work safe. No porn, gore, windows, politicians or anything similar. In short, be on topic as much as possible; support. If you can't resist the urge to talk about your religion or your favorite toenail, then take it to #archlinux-offtopic.

Don't start flamewars. DE/WM/$EDITOR/similar discussions are allowed, but if the temperature rises above 26°C then you are expected to drop it or move on to the offtopic channel.

Don't feed the trolls.

Spamming the channel is Bad (with a capital B). Use a pastebin if you have to paste something long (usually more than 3 lines). Pastie and rafb|Nopaste are two popular ones within the Arch community. There is also a cli frontend for rafb, named nopaste. You can get it with pacman.

phrik (the channel bot) is not your personal toy, abusing him is not allowed. If you want to try out commands or look trough the help function, then do it in a /query or /msg (alternatively PM).

Don't ask to ask, if anyone is alive or if anyone uses something. Just state your question. Even if we don't use foo, we might know enough about it to help you.

Ask for help, don't demand it. If nobody replies, wait for a few minutes before you restate your question.

Ask smart questions.

Help yourself before you ask. Read the Wiki and man pages, search the BBS and/or Google. Sticking to this method will often get you an answer faster, and you may just happen to learn something from it.

When asking for help, always reply to people that ask you for more information. If you don't know the answer then a "I don't know" is a lot better than silence.

Set a good example, be what you want other people to be. If you act like a moron, then people will respond to you as if you were one. The behavior of those already in the channel is also a big influence on those new to the channel. If you want the channel to be a friendly place, then be friendly to others.

Don't be shy. Feel free to help others. All the support in the channel is provided by volunteers.

Most questions get answered by "just another user", just like you. Even the devs that frequent the channel do so on their own time, by their own accord, by their own free will. [citation needed]

None Of This

This is what all your conversations look like, quit it. It's so embarrassing.

benny> openbox <3
wizzomafizzo> openbox <3
wizzomafizzo> openbox > *
benny> openbox > fluxbox > * > emacs
wizzomafizzo> I HATE EMACS
benny> emacs sucks
benny> vim ftw
benny> vim > nano > * > ed (HAHAHHAHA) > emacs
wizzomafizzo> vim <3
benny> ed is the standard editor.
benny> emacs is a good OS
benny> but it lacks a good text editor
wizzomafizzo> I use nano for editing little config files and I only use vim
              for serious stuff, guys.
benny> ruby ftw... perl sucks
benny> cat /dev/urandom > test.pl; perl test.pl; echo $? => 0 hahahahhahaha
wizzomafizzo> LOL
benny> adobe photoshop cs3 > gimp
wizzomafizzo> urxvt + irssi + screen + openbox + arch + kernel +
              X-svn ftw <3333333333333333333
benny> does anyone have the latest wine-cvs, I need it for my business... I'm
       a lead webdeveloper for a big consultation company and I use photoshop
       cs3 on linux for optimal performance
benny> irssi + screen <3
wizzomafizzo> WTF ARCH DEVS SUCK
benny> WTF, when is kde4 in the repos?
wizzomafizzo> omg arch so unstable they dont test packages!!!!!!!!!!!!
wizzomafizzo> plz test pkgs more asrch
benny> that pharmacist should STFU and drop kde so one wihht serious
       competence can take over
benny> how do I update kernel?
benny> WHY IS AUR NOT IN pacman!!!!
benny> I packman -s motif-application and it says command not found: ARCH
       BROKEN, debian no problem! QUESTIONS!
wizzomafizzo> I vote for yaourt and it never goes in community wtf??????
wizzomafizzo> i'm using dpkg in arch so i don't waste all my debs
benny> I install firefox, but I get bon echo. Arch bug, I demand fix
wizzomafizzo> wtf i hate bon echo >_<
benny> I can't browse with bon echo, what is this... some sort of joke?
wizzomafizzo> i compile my own firefox
benny> firefox <3, bon echo >3
benny> why is swiftweasel not in the repos... I have optimal performance now!
wizzomafizzo> guys i have legitimate problem with weechat
wizzomafizzo> WEECHAT LOL
wizzomafizzo> USE IRSSIi

Other usefull information

Abbrevations and jargon

Read The Fucking Manual (Yes, fucking and not f*ing)
Read The Fucking Wiki (Yes, fucking and not f*ing)
Read The Fucking BBS (Yes, fucking and not f*ing)
Usualy denotes a repository. Example: "nvidia drivers are in [extra]"
Arch User Repository
Arch Build System
less than three -> '<3' -> 'love'
Trusted User
Bulletin Board System -> 'forum'

List of channel operators

If you for some reason need the help of an op, don't be shy to /q(uery) or /msg us. Here is the list of ops as of 31.08.2008

  • _Caleb_ aka Caleb
  • glguy
  • WizzoMaFizzo aka wizzo
  • tomkx
  • codemac
  • neri
  • Xentac-away aka Xentac
  • apeiro
  • supa_user
  • cactus
  • phrakture
  • Xilon
  • MrElendig aka Mion