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Warning: Channel statistics are logged here. Speak to demize if you would like to opt-out permanently.

This article is about #archlinux, the main Arch Linux support IRC channel, and #archlinux-offtopic, the main Arch Linux social channel, both available on the Freenode network.

There are also a number of other channels dedicated to Arch Linux maintained by community members: see IRC channels for a listing.

Note: Do not edit this page unless you are a channel op in #archlinux. You are welcome to use the discussion page.


To join the channels, you need an IRC client. See List of applications/Internet#IRC clients or Wikipedia:Comparison of Internet Relay Chat clients for a list. #archlinux and #archlinux-offtopic now have the channel mode set to +r, which means that you need to be identified with NickServ. We needed to do this to reduce spam. To register with NickServ, follow the freenode FAQ's instructions found here. If you are not registered and identified, you will be forwarded to #archlinux-unregistered, and not be able to join until you are identified. You can get a list of people who can help you by typing /msg chanserv access #archlinux list, or join #freenode and ask there.

Some IRC clients have a race-condition where they try to autojoin channels before you have been identified with NickServ, and to solve it you need to enable SASL. Either look up your IRC client's documentation or look at the freenode SASL page to find instructions for how to enable it.

The following commands can be used inside your IRC client to quickly connect to a server and join a channel, provided that you have registered with NickServ:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY nick password
/join #archlinux

#archlinux - The official support channel

This is the main channel. The central topic for the channel is support and general discussion about Arch Linux.

The channel is currently +q $~a. This means that you have to register and identify with the NickServ service before you can talk in the channel. After you have connected to, use the following commands for help getting all set up with NickServ:

/query nickserv help register
/query nickserv help identify

If /query happens to not work in your client you can try using either /quote nickserv <command> or /msg nickserv <command>.

#archlinux rules

  • Follow the guidelines
Freenode network policy
Freenode channel guidelines
#archlinux channel guidelines
  • Client settings and bots
    • If you want to bring a bot into the channel, then ask an operator before you do so.
    • Auto-response in channel or in pm is not allowed (the only exception is 'away' responses at nick highlight in pm).
  • Channelbot usage
    • There is only one official channel bot. 'phrik!~archbot@archlinux/bot/phrik'
    • Try to limit the bot usage in channel. Remember, you can /query phrik when the output is not needed in-channel.
    • No spamming of bot commands
  • Advertising
    • Advertising is not allowed unless an op has given you permission to do so.
  • Content/links
    • The main topic of the channel is support for and discussion about Arch Linux.
    • Talk about general software and hardware is allowed if it does not interfere with the main topic of the channel.
    • Anything that is not covered by the previous statements is handled on a case-by-case basis at the op's discretion.

#archlinux guidelines

  1. The language of the channel is English. If you need help in another language, search international arch channels.
  2. Read the /topic on a regular basis. It often contains important information.
  3. Do not participate in flamewars, instantly report violators and trolls to channel operators.
  4. Do not spam the channel, use a pastebin to share something longer than three lines. program &> program-output.txt in combination with pastebin clients can ease this step.
  5. Do not abuse phrik (the channel bot). If you want to try out commands or look through the help function, then do it in a /query or /msg. Example: /query phrik help <command>.
  6. Do not ask whether anyone is alive or uses your software, just state your question.
  7. Please follow the standard litany when giving a problem report. It is easier for us to help you when you ask good/smart questions.
  8. Do not demand help, ask for it. Wait for a few minutes before restating questions. Most questions get answered by 'just another user', like you.
  9. Do not be shy, feel free to help others, every user has something to contribute. The channel is a community effort to provide support, and depends on volunteers.
  10. Help yourself before you ask. Use wiki search, use forum search, read man pages and try Google. This method will often get you an answer faster, and will teach you more.
  11. When asking for help, always reply to people that ask you for more information, if you do not know the answer then say so.
  12. Set a good example. Each user's behavior affects all users in the channel. Be friendly and polite to maintain a pleasant and professional climate.

#archlinux operators

If you for some reason need the help of an op, do not be shy to /query or /msg us. Here is the list of ops as of 4 Feb 2016:

  • demize
  • brain0
  • falconindy
  • grawity
  • heftig
  • jelle
  • MrElendig / Mion
  • Namarrgon
  • pid1
  • tigrmesh / tigr
  • vodik
  • wonder / ioni


#archlinux-offtopic rules

  • Follow the guidelines
Freenode network policy
Freenode channel guidelines
#archlinux channel guidelines
  • Ops can kick people entirely at their own discretion, do not be a moron. If you think an op acted unfairly, bring it up.

#archlinux-offtopic operators

Arch operators are ops in both channels, see #archlinux operators or /msg phrik listops for a list.

General information

Abbreviations and jargon

Read The Fine Manual
Read The Fine Wiki
Read The Fine BBS
Read The Fine News
[{core,extra,testing, ...}] 
Usually denotes a repository. Example: "nvidia drivers are in [extra]"
Arch User Community Repository
Arch Build System
less than three -> '<3' -> 'love'
Trusted User
Bulletin Board System -> 'forum'
As Far As I Know
If I Recall Correctly
In My Opinion
For The Win
For The Loss
never mind / forget it
your mileage may vary
+b / B& 
Ban / Banned