Arch Linux AMIs for Amazon Web Services

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Running public Arch AMIs

Archlinux AMI

New 64 bit AMIs available in all regions! They are updated as of 2012-10-19. I'm working on writing up a how to and will post when it's done. Beowuff (talk) 18:20, 17 July 2012 (UTC)

  • ami-6ee95107 = US East (N. Virginia)
  • ami-bcf77e8c = US West (Oregon)
  • ami-337d5b76 = US West (N. California)
  • ami-17595a63 = EU (Ireland)
  • ami-6af9b938 = Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  • ami-8cad138d = Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
  • ami-6259807f = South America (Sao Paulo)

Other AMIs

Verified working public arch liunx AMIs are below

AMI          Store Build   Release     Kernel Last verified
ami-07be766e  EBS  64 bit  2011-04-15  3.0+   2012-01-14    
ami-19be7670  EBS  64 bit  2011-11-18  3.0+   2012-01-14    
ami-26e8144f  EBS  32 bit  2011-04-15  2.6    2012-01-14    
ami-38e81451  EBS  32 bit  2011-04-15  2.6    2012-01-14    

These AMIs ship with Arch linux kernels that are booted by PV-GRUB.

(2012-01-14) The 64 bit AMIs consistently failed to boot on Micro instances in us-east-1a and us-east-1d. In us-east-1b and us-east-1c the AMIs occasionally fail to boot. Stop and start the instance to reassign it a random machine in these cases.

This may be an issue with Amazon running different versions of Xen on different machines / older availability zones.

Building Arch AMIs

linux-ec2AUR in AUR compiles the Arch linux kernel for AWS with Xen modules enabled and the XSAVE patch applied.

Updated Images

Up-to-date (as of 03/05/2013) Amazon EC2 AMI images for Arch Linux can be found here: