Arch Linux AMIs for Amazon Web Services

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Running public Arch AMIs

Archlinux AMI

  • These AMI's are no longer available. I'm working on setting up new, updated AMI's in all regions. Beowuff (talk) 18:20, 17 July 2012 (UTC)

64 bit AMI with stock kernel and enabled Xen modules is available

Other AMIs

Verified working public arch liunx AMIs are below

AMI          Store Build   Release     Kernel Last verified
ami-07be766e  EBS  64 bit  2011-04-15  3.0+   2012-01-14    
ami-19be7670  EBS  64 bit  2011-11-18  3.0+   2012-01-14    
ami-26e8144f  EBS  32 bit  2011-04-15  2.6    2012-01-14    
ami-38e81451  EBS  32 bit  2011-04-15  2.6    2012-01-14    

These AMIs ship with Arch linux kernels that are booted by PV-GRUB.

(2012-01-14) The 64 bit AMIs consistently failed to boot on Micro instances in us-east-1a and us-east-1d. In us-east-1b and us-east-1c the AMIs occasionally fail to boot. Stop and start the instance to reassign it a random machine in these cases.

This may be an issue with Amazon running different versions of Xen on different machines / older availability zones.

Building Arch AMIs

linux-ec2 in AUR compiles the Arch linux kernel for AWS with Xen modules enabled and the XSAVE patch applied.