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#REDIRECT: [[Arch-based distributions#ArchServer]]
{{Note|This project is no longer active. There is an alternative available at [http://www.archserver.org/ www.archserver.org]}}
In reference to the discussion in [http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=41764&p=1 this] forum thread, the proposition has been put forth, initially by '''nagoola''', to provide a stable branch or snapshot of the Arch Linux distribution.
Arch-Stable(ArchRock) is aimed at servers, not at desktop/workstation machines. We will provide a repository that is as stable as possible and should never break an update.
We will provide a repository, which is only updated for security-updates during a release-cycle(6-12 Months). Feature updates will not be made during a release-cycle. Each release will be based on the official Arch-Repositories. We will only be providing the packages from [core] + some extra packages, which are often used by servers, like apache, php, mysql, etc.
In the context of the Arch-Stable Branch, 'stable' will mean: Packages should never crash during runtime, be bug-free and should never be broken by updates.
# Project Leader - Delegate tasks and project direction.
# Packagers - Choosing and handling packages to add to the snapshot repository.
# Testers - Testing the stability of packages, logistics, and assistance.
# Repository - Will require a server.
# Programmers - Code necessary tools.
'''IRC''' - [http://irc.freenode.net irc.freenode.net] #archlinux-stable
'''Mailing list''' - [mailto:archlinux-stable-request@freelists.org archlinux-stable-request@freelists.org] Send e-mail with the subject 'subscribe'<br> or view the archive here: http://www.freelists.org/archives/archlinux-stable/
Web Site - http://arch-stable.wholebean.info/
====Project Volunteers====
Currently, the project has recruited these members:
* Nihathrael - Project Management / Programming / Documentation / Homepage / Package maintenance
* rxKaffee - Programming / Provides testing server / Package maintenance / Homepage
* sixty-four-bit - Packager
* Basn - Packager
* AndyRTR - technical adviser, moderation / coordination if wanted/needed, maybe some packaging for core stuff
* nagoola - Project Idea
* hussam
(Please add/remove your name as appropriate and state briefly what you are qualified to offer to the project.)
===Project Status===
We are currently setting up a test server for developers to use, which will not be publicly announced. If you would like to join development, please join '''#archlinux-stable''' at irc.freenode.net.<br>
We are still looking for server-space that we can use to release the core-stable repository to the public. Please contact nihathrael if you would like to offer hosting.
Please refer to the mailing list for newest information.
Last updated: [[User:Nihathrael|Nihathrael]] 16:03, 28 February 2008 (EST)
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