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[[Category:Arch development]]
[[Category:Arch development]]
{{Delete|Dead project.}}
{{Note|This project is no longer active. There is an alternative available at [http://www.archserver.org/ www.archserver.org]}}
{{Note|This project is no longer active. There is an alternative available at [http://www.archserver.org/ www.archserver.org]}}

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Note: This project is no longer active. There is an alternative available at www.archserver.org


In reference to the discussion in this forum thread, the proposition has been put forth, initially by nagoola, to provide a stable branch or snapshot of the Arch Linux distribution.


Arch-Stable(ArchRock) is aimed at servers, not at desktop/workstation machines. We will provide a repository that is as stable as possible and should never break an update.


We will provide a repository, which is only updated for security-updates during a release-cycle(6-12 Months). Feature updates will not be made during a release-cycle. Each release will be based on the official Arch-Repositories. We will only be providing the packages from [core] + some extra packages, which are often used by servers, like apache, php, mysql, etc.


In the context of the Arch-Stable Branch, 'stable' will mean: Packages should never crash during runtime, be bug-free and should never be broken by updates.



  1. Project Leader - Delegate tasks and project direction.
  2. Packagers - Choosing and handling packages to add to the snapshot repository.
  3. Testers - Testing the stability of packages, logistics, and assistance.
  4. Repository - Will require a server.
  5. Programmers - Code necessary tools.


IRC - irc.freenode.net #archlinux-stable

Mailing list - archlinux-stable-request@freelists.org Send e-mail with the subject 'subscribe'
or view the archive here: http://www.freelists.org/archives/archlinux-stable/

Web Site - http://arch-stable.wholebean.info/

Project Volunteers

Currently, the project has recruited these members:


  • Nihathrael - Project Management / Programming / Documentation / Homepage / Package maintenance
  • rxKaffee - Programming / Provides testing server / Package maintenance / Homepage
  • sixty-four-bit - Packager
  • Basn - Packager
  • AndyRTR - technical adviser, moderation / coordination if wanted/needed, maybe some packaging for core stuff


  • nagoola - Project Idea
  • hussam

(Please add/remove your name as appropriate and state briefly what you are qualified to offer to the project.)

Project Status

We are currently setting up a test server for developers to use, which will not be publicly announced. If you would like to join development, please join #archlinux-stable at irc.freenode.net.
We are still looking for server-space that we can use to release the core-stable repository to the public. Please contact nihathrael if you would like to offer hosting. Please refer to the mailing list for newest information.

Last updated: Nihathrael 16:03, 28 February 2008 (EST)

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