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Arch Linux Stable Branch/Snapshot

In reference to the discussion in this forum thread, the proposition has been put forth, initially by nagoola, to provide a stable branch or snapshot of the Arch Linux distribution. This project shall serve to compliment and benefit Arch, the rolling release, and the community. It absolutely shall not and must not fork nor divide Arch, its community, nor code. Its existence must serve to unite, benefit and strengthen Arch, or it shall cease to be useful.


Why a stable branch? A general consensus has been formed, of the opinion that such a branch will be advantageous in several ways: 1. For the stability of workstations/production machines:

Arch is of the highest quality, and the rolling release model is very strong. However, it is the hope of this project's members that a stable branch may bring the added benefit of less breakage- "when you need it to just work."

2. Desktops/Personal machines: The convenience of upgrading with less breakage appeals to those who want less time fixing package breakage and more time using Arch for other, more productive tasks. 3.