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Read the News

The Arch Linux News is posted here: [1] You can subscribe to the rss feed by adding: [2] to your favorite feed reading software. You can also get news by subscribing to the Arch Announce mailing list: [3].

Pay special attention to news items with "manual intervention required" in their header. You can avoid a lot of trouble and embarrassment by reading the instructions in these news announcements and following them.


  • When you update, check pacman output for instructions related to updated packages.
  • Use pacman -Qdt to find orphaned packages, and pacman -Qo <file> to find out which package owns that particular file.
  • Check for out-of-date or unmaintained AUR packages on your system. Sometimes these can cause problems when you update.
  • Check the size of /var and clear pacman's cache once in a while. A useful tool to assist in this process is cachecleanAUR.


  • Check disk (use fstab options to check at boot)
  • Search logs for errors (list scripts, tools to make this easier/more automated)
  • Look into errors as soon as possible - do not leave them unattended to.

Bad Practices

  • Linking random libraries together to get a program to work.
  • Updating once a year.
  • Copy-pasting commands into the terminal without at least reading man pages to understand what you are doing to your system.
  • Clearing the entire package cache using pacman -Scc - this removes the possibility to do package downgrades in cases of breakage.

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