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#REDIRECT [[VirtualBox#Installation steps for Arch Linux guests]]
Installing Arch under [[VirtualBox]] is straightforward, and additions should be installed through pacman (not through "Install Guest Additions" in VirtualBox, or a mounted ISO.)
Follow these instructions after doing a basic install following the [[Beginners' Guide]].
Install the required package:
# pacman -Syu virtualbox-guest-additions
Make sure the modules are loaded:
# modprobe vboxguest
# modprobe vboxsf
# modprobe vboxvideo
To autostart these modules everytime you boot, you can either
:1) Add the three modules above to the MODULES array in /etc/rc.conf to have them autoloaded on reboot, too.
:2) Add rc.vboxadd to the DAEMONS array. This daemon starts probes the above listed modules.
If you are running something that launches /etc/xdg/autostart/vboxclient.desktop, such as GNOME, then you should be ready to go. If you use .xinitrc to launch things instead, you must:
# nano ~/.xinitrc
and add
VBoxClient-all &
before launching your WM.
You should now be all set, and all guest additions should work properly. This was confirmed to work with virtualbox 4.0.8.
===Guest additions still don't work===
You may need to launch VBoxClient-all yourself. Add it to ~/.xinitrc.

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