Arch Linux and You

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Note from the author:
This is not your typical wiki page. It's not a guide, it's something that is supposed to make you think. I could write 500 lines on this, but I'm going to keep it short. After all, it won't help if you fall asleep halfway through.

Arch Linux and you

Using arch is the same as having a relationship with a human being.

This may be the most important thing to remember. Always keep it in the back of your mind.
Like any relationship, it will demand something of you, but it will also give you a lot in return.

Before you install Arch, you should ask yourself:

Do I really want to commit myself?
Am I willing to sacrifice time and energy on the relationship?
Do I got what it takes to make the relationship work?

As with "real life" relationships, there are good times and bad times. There are also things that you love about your partner, and things you hate. It's perfectly ok to criticize your partner. If you feel he/she/it should change some behavior, then tell your partner. Keeping it in will only make it worse in the long run. But, and this is really important, this works both ways. You also have to be willing to adapt. A one sided relationship will never work. Work it out together. Listen to your partner, and never force your issue.
Another important thing to keep in mind: If the relationship is doomed, do not hold on to it with all your might. It will only cause pain and grief for you both. Sometimes "moving on" is the only real choice. Don't be bitter about it. Remember both the good and the bad times, and use the experience in your next relationship.

Help your partner
Hold on to this one with your life. Always help your partner when needed. You did, after all, commit yourself in the first place. It's what relationships are all about, working together. Your partner is probably sacrificing a lot for your sake, you should do the same.
If you realize that you can't, then maybe it's best to break the relationship, before it turns bad. But think twice before you do so. Maybe the sacrifice isn't as big as you first thought. Maybe there is another approach you can take to make it work.

End note:
Arch Linux was/is created, maintained and developed, by free will, by sacrificing time, energy and money. Before you start demanding something from it, you should ask yourself: What have I done for arch? Do I really have the right to this from it?

Remember, all good relationships go both ways.

--Mr.Elendig 10:41, 9 May 2008 (EDT)