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=More Resources=
=More Resources=
[http://linux-vserver.org/Installation_on_ArchLinux http://linux-vserver.org/Installation_on_ArchLinux]
[http://linux-vserver.org/Installation_on_ArchLinux http://linux-vserver.org/Installation_on_ArchLinux]
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This article aims to provide all necessary information about setting virtual servers on Arch Linux. You can setup virtual servers to provide different services on just one machine as if they were on different machines with a very little power loss. You can get more information about virtual servers here.


You need the patched kernel.

kernel26-vserver is available in AUR

For more secure chroots and compatibility you need dietlibc and beecrypt.

dietlibc is available in [community] repository, therefore you can manually download and install it or you can comment out [community] in your pacman.conf and install it via pacman:

pacman -Sy dietlibc

beecrypt is available in AUR.

Next, you need util-vserver to administer the guests. (creating aur package//adopting it..)



Tips & Tricks

More Resources