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{| style="float:right; border: 1px solid #000;"
| '''Device''' || '''Status''' || '''Modules'''
|Video (GMA 500)  || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || gma500_gfx / fbdev
| Ethernet || style="color:green" |  '''Working''' ||  atl1c
| Wireless || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || ath9k
| Audio || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || snd_hda_intel
| Camera || style="color:green" | '''Working''' || uvcvideo
| Card Reader || style="color:green" | '''Working''' ||
| Function Keys || style="color:yellow" | ''' Partially working''' ||
For an in-depth guide on the installation see the [[Beginners_Guide]].
The GMA 500 in the 1101HAb works well with the gma500_gfx driver included in the kernel and the fbdev driver. Install the fbdev driver via pacman:
    # pacman -Syu xf86-video-fbdev
As of linux-2.6, the user can no longer control the backlight. This can be remedied by adding {{ic|<nowiki>acpi_osi=Linux</nowiki>}} to the KERNEL line in your bootloader.
(TODO: Add xorg configuration how-to)
In at least one instance, sound worked out of the box. Just unmute and adjust the Master mixer using something like alsamixer.
The webcam makes use of the {{ic|uvcvideo}} module, which is part of the kernel as of linux-2.6. Just run:
    # modprobe uvcvideo
and then you can use mplayer to test the camera's video:
    $  mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=320:height=240:fps=200:device=/dev/video0 -nosound
To load the module on startup, youmay add the module name to the MODULES array in {{ic|/etc/rc.conf}}
After a clean installation, some of the media keys will not work. The ones that do (Volume Up/Down/Mute and Wifi) work well, but the rest require some tweaking. Adding
    acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=Linux
should be enough to get all of the keys (except Fn+F7) mapped to keycodes, which may then be mapped to actions via either something like {{ic|speckeysd}} / {{ic|xbindkeys}} or the user's desktop environment.
This model have more temperature than it seems to be "normal". It seems that fan does not work properly. It reaches 69 Celsius degrees.

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