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#REDIRECT [[Advanced Linux Sound Architecture]]
{{stub|This is very work in progress stuff, feel welcome to edit and correct :)}}
This settings are meant for HD audio playback at 24bit depth and 96000Hz frequency. So there's no need to change anything default if your audio sources have standard CD quality.
== Alsa ==
defaults.pcm.!rate_converter "samplerate_best"
defaults.pcm.dmix.!rate 96000
defaults.pcm.dmix.!format S24_LE
An exclamation sign causes a previous definition to be overridden. This syntax can be used with any configuration file assignment.
Dmix is enabled as default for soundcards which do not support hardware mixing.
== Pulseaudio ==
Since Pulseaudio server is not intended to deliver high quality streams for the sake of usability, it is recommended to just not install it.
{{hc|/etc/pulse/daemon.conf |2=<nowiki>
resample-method = src-sinc-medium-quality
default-sample-format = s24le
default-sample-rate = 96000
SRC resampling algorithm is very cpu intensive. Setting it to medium quality should work better.
== Jack ==
== List of linux-friendly audiophile sound cards ==
== Checking actual output parameters ==
Check the contents of <nowiki>/proc/asound/cardX/pcmYp/subZ/hw_params</nowiki>, where X, Y, and Z are numbers depending on your system.
In order to find this file, execute the following command while playing some sound:<br>
<code>find /proc/asound/ -name hw_params | xargs -I FILE grep -v -l "closed" FILE | grep '/proc/asound/card./pcm.p/sub./hw_params'</code><br>
Indeed, there exist a hw_params file for each sound input/ouput subsystem whose content is either "closed" if unused, or the actual format of the played sound.
Here is an example of an hw_param contents for a stereo 96kHz / 24bits:<br>
format: S32_LE
subformat: STD
channels: 2
rate: 96000 (96000/1)
period_size: 9000
buffer_size: 288000
More info available in the [http://alsa.opensrc.org/Proc_asound_documentation alsa documentation]

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