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[[Category:Package management]]
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[[Category:Arch User Repository]]
'''Aura''' is a multilingual package manager for Arch Linux written in [[Wikipedia:Haskell|Haskell]].  It connects to both the official [[ABS]] repositories and to the [[Arch User Repository]], allowing easy control of all packages on an Arch system.  It allows all pacman operations  and  provides new custom ones for dealing with [[AUR]] packages. This differs from some other [[AUR helpers]].
Aura's philosophy as a package manager can be view in more detail [https://github.com/fosskers/aura/blob/master/README.md here]. The main points are summarized below.
* '''Aura is Pacman''' - All [[pacman]] operators and their sub-options are allowed.
* '''ABS and AUR are separate''' - New aura-only operators are introduced for handling [[AUR]] packages.
* '''Quiet Building''' - Makepkg output is suppressed by default. Unsuppress by using {{ic|-x}} alongside {{ic|-A}}.
* '''Run as Root, Build as a User''' - Running makepkg as root or with {{ic|sudo}} is dangerous. Aura builds packages with normal user privileges, even when run with {{ic|sudo}}.
* '''Know your System''' - Editing [[PKGBUILD]]s mid-build is not default behaviour. All package research should be done prior to building.
* '''Downgradibility''' - Aura caches built package files, so they can be managed like any ABS package would. This includes downgrading with {{ic|-C}}.
* '''No Orphans''' - Aura provides several options for dealing with orphaned dependencies.
* '''Multilingual''' - Aura provides multiple output languages.
{{Note|A number of Aura's dependencies can be found in the {{ic|[haskell]}} repository. These tend to be more recent than those in {{ic|[extra]}} and the AUR. Naturally, installing them this way is faster than building manually from the AUR. [https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Haskell_Package_Guidelines#.5Bhaskell.5D See here] on how to add {{ic|[haskell]}} as a repository.}}
Aura requires the following dependencies to build:
===[extra] / [haskell] Dependencies===
* {{pkg|ghc}}
* {{pkg|haskell-regex-base}}
* {{pkg|haskell-parsec}}
* {{pkg|haskell-syb}}
===[haskell] / AUR Dependencies===
* {{AUR|haskell-json}}
===AUR Only Dependencies===
* {{AUR|haskell-curl}}
* {{AUR|haskell-regex-pcre}}
Once all of these are installed, you can build {{AUR|aura}}.
==Aura-unique Operators==
See the aura [[man page]] for more detailed descriptions.
* {{ic|-A}} - Perform actions involving the [[AUR]]. Default action builds and installs [[AUR]] packages.
* {{ic|-C}} - Perform actions involving the package cache. Default action downgrades packages. This is interactive.
* {{ic|-L}} - Perform actions involving the pacman log. Default action opens the log for read-only viewing.
* {{ic|-O}} - Perform actions involving orphaned dependencies. Default action lists orphaned dependencies.
===Installing Packages===
Install an AUR package:
{{bc|aura -A (package)}}
Upgrade all installed AUR packages and sync the package database:
{{bc|aura -Ayu}}
Install with makepkg output unsuppressed:
{{bc|aura -Ax (package)}}
Install and remove make dependencies afterwards:
{{bc|aura -Aa (package)}}
Look up information on an AUR package:
{{bc|aura -Ai (package)}}
Checkout an AUR package's PKGBUILD:
{{bc|aura -Ap (package)}}
Search the AUR via a regex:
{{bc|aura -As (regex)}}
===Working with the Package Cache===
Downgrade a package (this is interactive):
{{bc|aura -C (package)}}
Search the package cache for package files via a regex:
{{bc|aura -Cs (regex)}}
Backup the package cache:
{{bc|aura -Cb (/path/to/backup/location/)}}
Reduce the package cache to contain only the 5 most recent versions of each package file:
{{bc|aura -Cc 5}}
===Working with the Pacman Log===
View the pacman log:
{{bc|aura -L}}
View log info on a package:
{{bc|aura -Li}}
Search the log via a regex:
{{bc|aura -Ls (regex)}}
===Working with Orphan Dependencies===
Display orphans:
{{bc|aura -O}}
Adopt a package (shorthand for -D --asexplicit):
{{bc|aura -O (package)}}
Uninstall all orphans:
{{bc|aura -Oj}}
==Multilingual Support==
Aura supports multiple output languages. The current available languages (and their flags) are:
* '''English''' (default) => {{ic|--english}}
* '''Japanese''' => {{ic|--日本語}} or {{ic|--japanese}}
* '''Polish'''  => {{ic|--polski}} or {{ic|--polish}}
* '''Croatian''' => {{ic|--hrvatski}} or {{ic|--croatian}}
* '''German''' => {{ic|--deutsch}} or {{ic|--german}}
* '''Spanish''' => {{ic|--español}} or {{ic|--spanish}}
{{Note|To use non-ASCII arguments, you will need a UTF-8 compatible terminal client, like [[urxvt]].}}
===GHC dependency is too big===
While a ~700mB dependency is a big one, ghc is nothing but a build dependency for aura. It is not needed post-installation. Feel free to uninstall it (and any other orphans) with {{ic|aura -Oj}}.
==External Links==
* [https://github.com/fosskers/aura aura's github page]

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