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'''install irssi'''
  pacman -Sy irssi
'''install autodl-irssi'''
'''install autodl-irssi'''

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install irssi

 pacman -Sy irssi

install autodl-irssi

install "autodl-irssi" package from AUR.

 cp -r /usr/share/autodl-irssi/* ~/.irssi/scripts
 cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun
 ln -s ../autodl-irssi.pl

install autodl-irssi rutorrent plugin

install "rutorrent-plugin-autodl-irssi" package from AUR.

edit /srv/http/rutorrent/plugins/autodl-irssi/config.php

 $autodlPort = 12345;
 $autodlPassword = "password";

edit ~/.autodl/autodl.cfg

 gui-server-port = 12345
 gui-server-password = password

more see https://code.google.com/p/rutorrent/wiki/PluginAutodlirssi

start irssi at system boot time

install "irssi-daemon-git" package from AUR.

edit /etc/rc.conf

  DAEMONS=(.. irssid ..)