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* [[GNOME#Startup applications]]
* [[GNOME#Startup applications]]
* [[KDE#Autostarting applications]]
* [[KDE#Autostart]]
* [[Xfce#Startup applications]]
* [[Xfce#Startup applications]]
* [[LXDE#Autostart]]
* [[LXDE#Autostart]]

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To automatically run programs:


To autostart programs in console or upon login, you can use shell startup files/directories. Read the documentation for your shell, or its ArchWiki article, e.g. Bash#Configuration files or Zsh#Startup/Shutdown files.

See also Wikipedia:Unix shell#Configuration files.


Upon login, all Bourne-compatible shells source /etc/profile, which in turn sources any readable *.sh files in /etc/profile.d/: these scripts do not require an interpreter directive, nor do they need to be executable. They are used to set up an environment and define application-specific settings.


You can autostart programs automatically when you login into your Window manager or Desktop environment.

Desktop environments

Window managers