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* [[KDE#Autostart]]
* [[KDE#Autostart]]
* [[Xfce#Autostart]]
* [[Xfce#Autostart]]
* [[LXDE#Autostart]]{{Broken section link}}
* [[LXDE#Autostart]]
* [[LXQt#Autostart]]
* [[LXQt#Autostart]]

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This article links to various methods to launch scripts or applications automatically when some particular event is taking place.

On bootup / shutdown

Use systemd services.

On user login / logout

Use systemd/User services.

On device plug in / unplug

Use udev rules.

On time events

Periodically at certain times, dates or intervals:

Once at a date and time:

On filesystem events

Use an inotify event watcher:

On shell login / logout

See Command-line shell#Configuration files.

On Xorg startup

On desktop environment startup

Most desktop environment implement XDG Autostart.

If the desktop environments has an article, see its Autostart section.

On window manager startup

If the window manager has an article, see its Autostart section.