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Avant Window Navigator (AWN) is a lightweight dock written in C. It has support for launchers, task lists and third party applets.


Additional dependencies

The most of the applets require some additional packages, which are listed in optdepends. Make sure that you installed them before enable an applet:

Applet name Dependencies Optional dependences
animal-farm fortune-mod
bandwidth-monitor net-tools
battery upower
comics python2-feedparser python-rsvg
cairo-clock python-rsvg python2-dateutil
calendar python2-dateutil python-gdata python-vobject
cpufreq gnome-applets
feeds python2-feedparser python-simplejson
hardware-sensors python-rsvg lm_sensors hddtemp
media-control banshee
media-player gstreamer0.10-python
mail python2-feedparser
quit gnome-screensaver gnome-session
slickswitcher python-wnck python2-gconf
stacks python2-libgnome python-gnomedesktop
thinkhdaps python2-pyinotify
volume-control gstreamer0.10-python


To fully utilize AWN and it's themes, you will need a composite manager like Compiz, Xcompmgr or Cairo Compmgr installed and configured correctly. If you are running AWN in a desktop environment like GNOME, Xfce or KDE, simply enable the composite manager or the desktop effects in the system settings. The composite option in X is enabled by default.


Run Awn in the background:

$ avant-window-navigator &

To launch AWN at startup, check Start Awn automatically option in Dock Preferences dialog (see below), or add the following command to the autostart file: avant-window-navigator --startup &


To configure AWN applets, themes and general settings, run:

$ awn-settings

or right-click the dock and go to Dock Preferences.

Tips and tricks

External applets


You may want to try DockbarX, a task manager applet with advanced behaviour configuration and support for window previews. It is available from the AUR: Template:Package AUR.

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