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Avant Window Navigator是用C语言书写的轻量级的dock程序。它支持启动器、任务列表和第三方applets。


Template:Package Official 在 community 仓库中,可以使用 pacman 安装:

# pacman -S avant-window-navigator

想得到可选的 applets 你需要安装 Template:Package Official:

# pacman -S awn-extras-applets

运行 Awn

在后台运行 Awn :

$ avant-window-navigator &

启动时运行 Awn

使用 Awn 内置方法

Run Awn, right-click it and go to Dock Preferences > Preferences and check Start Awn automatically. The settings will be stored in Template:Filename and sourced the next time you login. Uncheck the option to revert this process.


Add the following to Template:Filename or Template:Filename accordingly:

avant-window-navigator --startup &


If you have Template:Codeline installed, simply run it and add an entry for Awn. If you're not using a session manager you can add the following to Template:Filename or Template:Filename:

$ avant-window-navigator --startup &


Add an avant-window-navigator entry to Startup Programs using

$ gnome-session-properties


想要配置Awn applets,主题和通用设置,运行:

$ awn-settings &

或者右键点击 dock 选择 Dock Preferences.


To fully utilize Avant Window Navigator and its themes, you will need a composite manager like Compiz, Xcompmgr or Cairo Compmgr installed and configured correctly. If you are running Awn in a desktop environment like GNOME, Xfce or KDE, simply enable the composite manager or the desktop effects in the system settings. The composite option in X is enabled by default.

Additional Dependencies

Additional packages may be required to run some applets. A matrix of dependencies for the various applets can be found here.

Note: The dependencies are categorized by some "major" Linux distributions, so package names and location may vary from theirs to Arch Linux.
Note: Template:Package Official<=0.4.0 depends on Template:Package Official which, after upgrading to version 3.2.0, has changed library Template:Filename to Template:Filename, thus breaking all Awn menu applets. See bug reports [1] and FS#26191. For a temporary workaround you can install Template:Package AUR, available in the Arch User Repository.

Tips and tricks

External applets


You may want to try DockbarX, a task manager applet with advanced behaviour configuration and support for window previews. It is available from the AUR: Template:Package AUR or the unstable Template:Package AUR.

More resources