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=A Guide to Posting Questions=
Arch Linux describes itself as a distribution "targeted at competent GNU/Linux users". It is not a hand-holding distribution and a basic level of self-help is expected from its users. This doesn't mean that everyone who uses it needs to be the proverbial basement guru whose knowledge could put Wikipedia to shame, but it does mean that users should at least make a serious effort to find solutions to their problems before asking others to help them. Those that don't will be considered [http://www.slash7.com/pages/vampires help vampires] and frowned upon.
The Arch Community is full of helpful and knowledgeable users but they should not be expected to do your homework for you. They prefer to help those who try to help themselves.
Before you post a problem on the forum, you should do the following:
* read the documentation and the Arch wiki (this will solve most "How do I do x?" problems)
* use an internet search engine to try to find pages that already contain the solution
* use the [http://bbs.archlinux.org/search.php Arch Linux forum search] for the same thing
If you really can't find the answer after that, use the following guidelines for posting:
* choose a descriptive title (not "MY SYSTEM IS BROKEN, HELP!!!!!", which is not only unhelpful but also rude and childish)
* provide specific information, such as setup, applications involved, error messages, relevant logs, etc ("it doesn't work" and "x is broken" are not helpful)
* be polite... nobody owes you any help
Once you've found the answer, edit your first post and add "[SOLVED]" to title. If you find the solution yourself, don't forget to post it as well.

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