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Frequently asked questions

How to use BBS

Forum etiquette

Before you post a problem on the forum, you should do the following:

  • Read the documentation and the Arch wiki (this will solve most "How do I do x?" problems)
  • Use an internet search engine to try to find pages that already contain the solution
  • Use the Arch Linux forum search for the same thing

If you really can't find the answer after that, use the following guidelines for posting:

  • Choose a descriptive title (not "MY SYSTEM IS BROKEN, HELP!!!!!", which is not only unhelpful but also rude and childish)
  • Provide specific information, such as setup, applications involved, error messages, relevant logs, etc ("it doesn't work" and "x is broken" are not helpful)
  • Be polite. Nobody owes you any help.

Once you've found the answer, edit your first post and add "[SOLVED]" to title. If you find the solution yourself, do not forget to post it as well.


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32/64 bit

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