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[[Category:Email Client]]
#REDIRECT: [[List of applications#Email_clients]]
Balsa is a small and light email client written the GNOME project. As such it has tight integration with Gnome, however works quite well with other desktops or window managers.
== Installation ==
Install the {{pkg|balsa}} package, available from the [[Official Repositories]].
== Configuration ==
Balsa launches with the normal email client setup wizard that takes you through most setup. In addition there is a preferences item on the edit menu. Configuration files can be found in ~/.balsa.
One issue to which I found no good solution (unless you are running GNOME) is configuring the browser to open automatically when you click on a link in an email.
{{Note|You will want to examine other options before using this method. It may cause breakage.}}
1) click on a link in an email and note which browser it is trying to load - in my case /usr/lib/firefox/firefox.
2) Check how much of that path exists and create what is missing. I had to create /usr/lib/firefox
mkdir /usr/lib/firefox
3) Make a soft link to your preferred browser.
ln -s /usr/bin/chromium /usr/lib/firefox/firefox

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