BankId on Linux

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Despite being required by a number a state organizations, BankId is based on a proprietary protocol and implementation. This pages summarizes the possibilities to run it on Linux. It complements the pages in Swedish by the Ubuntu Sweden Team.

 Direct execution on Linux

No solution for the latest version of the protocol.

 Execution in virtual machines

  • The Windows desktop client works well in a virtual machine (eg VirtualBox). It requires a physical card reader (ask it to your bank), and to redirect the corresponding USB device in the VirtualBox configuration.
  • The mobile client for Android has been reported to work in RemixOS running in a virtual box, but this does not seem to work anymore.

 Obsolete solutions

  • At some point, one could run the Android client in Chrome using ARC Welder / ARChon
  • There once was an AUR package but it no longer works, since the source isn't available anymore. [1]
  • The free implementation of BankID FriBID also no longer works with the current version of BankID.

 Impossible solutions

  • The Windows client does not work in a Wine emulator.
  • Mobilt does not work in a standard Android emulator

 Support for other platforms

  • mobile client for Android, called Mobilt BankId
  • mobile client for iOS, called Mobilt BankId
  • desktop client for Windows [2] The underlying application is Nexus Personal.
  • desktop client for OS X [3].