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#REDIRECT [[PC speaker]]
Beep is an advanced PC speaker beeping program. It is useful for situations where no sound card and/or speakers are available, and simple audio notification is desired.
Command-line interface to this feature can be installed with Pacman.
# pacman -S beep
By default, only root can run the beep command, but other users can be allowed to run it by changing the permissions of the beep command.
# chmod 4755 /usr/bin/beep
You should also unmute the Beep channel using {{Ic|alsamixer}}.
$ alsamixer
you may need to press {{keypress|F6}} and select your card. scroll to the Beep channel using the arrow keys and press {{keypress|M}} to unmute the channel. notice that the "MM" label below the channel will change to "00". you can also use {{keypress|↑}} to increase the volume of the channel.
press {{Keypress|Esc}} to close alsamixer.
you can also save your settings to ALSA Mixer to make it permanent:
# alsactl -f /var/lib/alsa/asound.state store
==Tips and Tricks==
While many people are happy with the traditional beep sound, some may like to change its properties a bit. The following example plays slighly higher and shorter sound and repeats it two times.
# beep -f 5000 -l 50 -r 2
==See also==
*[[Advanced Linux Sound Architecture]]

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