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(Work in progress to be consistent again with orignal (untranslated) version - First part, split up in subpages)
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#REDIRECT: [[Installation guide (Nederlands)]]
{{i18n|Beginners' Guide}}
{{Article summary start}}
{{Article summary text|Een complete gids voor het installeren, configureren en gebruiken van Arch Linux. Vertaald vanuit [[Beginners Guide|Beginners Guide]] door whordijk en stefanwilkens. Laatste update: 07 Jan 2009.}}
{{Article summary heading|Gerelateerde Artikelen}}
{{Article summary wiki|Official Arch Linux Install Guide}} (een meer algemene aanpak)
{{Article summary wiki|FAQ (Nederlands)}} (veel voorkomende vragen)
{{Article summary wiki|:Category:Nederlands}}
{{Article summary wiki|Main Page (Nederlands)}}
{{Article summary end}}
{{out of date}}{{translateme}}
<!-- Include the different subpages -->
{{:Beginners' Guide (Nederlands)/Voorwoord}}
<!--{{:Beginners' Guide (Nederlands)/Voorbereiding}} | Commented out cause of not-translated-->
{{:Beginners' Guide (Nederlands)/Installatie}}
{{:Beginners' Guide (Nederlands)/Post-Installatie}}
{{:Beginners' Guide/Appendix}} <!-- needs translation -->

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