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Bitlbee is a "console-based IRC to IM chatting gateway, including ICQ/MSN/Jabber". Basically, it allows the user to interact with popular chat networks (ICQ, MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM) within their IRC client.

The users' buddies appear as normal IRC users in a channel and conversations use the private message facility of IRC.


First, download and install the package using pacman:

# pacman -S bitlbee

Bitlbee currently does not run on a daemon of its own; rather, it uses xinetd. The installation created a file: /etc/xinetd.d/bitlbee

We need to edit this because at the moment because xinetd doesn't know you want to use bitlbee. Open /etc/xinetd.d/bitlbee in your preferred text editor and tell it not disable bitlbee:

disable = no