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BlackArch is an unofficial project that aims to enable both security professionals and newcomers to learn and use security and hacking tools within Arch Linux.


If you like this idea and want to help, please dive in. The first milestone is probably the most difficult and will take the longest to accomplish. Accordingly, it is the area of greatest need. There is no official record of "project membership" or "project leaders", just what people contribute. If you feel so moved please investigate how to use the AUR and develop packages for it, then pick a tool off the list and get to work.

Please do not feel restricted to selecting a tool off our list. Many things exist that we just do not know about, although I hope that if it were popular/good my attentive scouring should have found it. We need your eyeballs to help find the tools that BlackArch should contain (or at least be aware of) In which case, it'd help if you make a PKGBUILD for it and submit it to the AUR.

Contact Information

Here is a summary of the best places to learn more, communicate, and get involved:

  • Website: Information & Blog Posts
  • Wiki Page: Wiki
  • @BlackArchLinux on Twitter: Announcements
  • Github: Code Repository
    • If you're on Twitter, you can follow us to show support, ask questions.
  • IRC: #blackarch on Genscripts ( Support