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I forget how to pair devices, so this article is woefully lacking!!!

I'm no expert, but this page is to help people who want to setup a TCP connection from a Palm Pilot or other bluetooth device to their Arch Linux box. This is useful for browsing the Internet and/or performing a Hotsync operation.

I have no idea what really works, but this system is working for me right now!


       bluetooth dongle
       Palm T5

Packages Installed:


Modules Loaded:


Daemons Running:


Devices Loaded:

       hci0 (bring it up with hciconfig hci0 up)

Extra Settings Needed:

       # echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

PPP Settings:

 $ cat /etc/ppp/peers/palm
 noauth          # we require no authentication
 local           # local connection
 asyncmap 0      # charmap
 idle 1000       # disconnection after 1000 idle seconds
 noipx           # disable novell ipx
 passive         # the client (palm) initiates the connection
 silent          # no info needed  # Server:client ip address

Command to run to start the dial-up networking server:

 # dund --nodetach --listen --persist --msdun call palm

Command to run to start the dial-up networking server in daemon mode

 # dund --listen --persist --msdun call palm