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[[Category:Boot loaders]]
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{{Stub|This page is created to ease the transition from Grub to Grub2.}}
The boot loader is responsible for loading the kernel and [[mkinitcpio|initial RAM disk]] before initiating the [[Arch Boot Process|boot process]]. You can use [[:Category:Boot loaders|different kinds]] of bootloaders in Arch, such as [[GRUB2|GRUB(2)]], [[Syslinux]], [[LILO]] or [[GRUB Legacy]]. For UEFI Bootloaders, please see [[UEFI Bootloaders|this]] page.
This page will only contain a short introduction and the most used configurations that users will encounter. For detailed information, please see the corresponding pages of each boot loader.
== Configuration ==
=== Configuration files ===
Different boot loader use different files for configuration.
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!Boot Loader!!Configuration File
GRUB Legacy
=== Kernel parameters ===
Kernel command line parameters are often supplied by the bootloader. See [[Kernel parameters]].

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