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About This Page

This is the official wiki for the boxee-source aur package; it should contain reasonably up to date information on its status and on workarounds to get things running in specific environments. Please feel free to add useful information in this regard to this page, and if you do, remember to credit yourself in the section above.

About boxee-source

The Boxee media center @ is both open source and by far the most advanced and featureful mediaplayer available for linux. Unfortunately, the sourcecode does not compile properly against archlinux or 64bit, and even worse, there is no functioning 'make install' to easily seperate the unused chunks of xbmc and sourcecode from the actual package. To remedy this, a small group of us have been working hard to maintain our own patchset and installation script (built against the official ubuntu releases' file structure) that allows the latest boxee to compile in archlinux no both 32 and 64bit.


Active Project Maintainers

  • Prurigro (prurigro at gmail dot com) - Contributor/Maintainer, Patches, PKGBUILD & 32bit Testing
  • Anish (anish.7 at gmail dot com) - Patches, PKGBUILD & 32bit Testing
  • Paulingham (paul.ingham at beefeatingmonkeys dot com) - 64bit Patches, 64bit PKGBUILD & 64bit Testing'

Contributors/External Help

  • sdnick484
  • jaydonoghue
  • jpf
  • vrtladept
  • adamruss


Issues Compiling

NVIDIA (binary)

If you are using the nvidia binary driver, then compiling boxee-source will give you the following error: "configure: error: cannot compute sizeof (size_t)". To get around this error, you must compile the package as root:

  • 'makepkg' -> 'sudo makepkg -asroot'
  • 'yaourt' -> 'sudo yaourt -S boxee-source'

Issues Running


An up to date xorg/ati installation reportedly breaks boxee, and the only known fix right now is to downgrade libgl and ati-dri to 7.4.4

Known Issues

64bit flash support (hulu/monty python etc)

The flash player provided with boxee is released only in binary format. After a great deal of work and waiting, boxee-source finally supports flash content in 32bit, however; to support 64bit we need to wait for the boxee team to release 64bit binaries, and sadly there hasn't been much talk in this direction.