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Notes: I suggest to move the netctl-specific parts of this article into a subsection of "Network bridge" (Discuss in Talk:Bridge with netctl#)


Install the netctl package from the official repositories.


  • Copy /etc/netctl/examples/bridge to /etc/netctl/bridge.
  • In this example, we create a bridge called br0 which has real Ethernet adapter eth0 and (optionally) a tap device tap0 connected to it. Of course, edit br0, eth0 and tap0 to your needs.
Description="Example Bridge connection"
BindsToInterfaces=(eth0 tap0)
Tip: If you are using static IP, see man pages of netctl, and also edit /etc/resolv.conf if necessary.
  • You can bridge any combination of network devices editing BindsToInterfaces option.
  • If any of the bridged devices (e.g. eth0, tap0) had dhcpcd enabled, stop and disable the dhcpcd@eth0.service daemon. Or set IP=no to the netctl profiles.
  • Finally, start and enable your /etc/netctl/bridge.