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This scanner works with Brother's {{AUR|brscan2}} driver.
This scanner works with Brother's {{AUR|brscan2}} driver.
===Scan Key Install (Optional)===
This allows the scanner to be recognized in other programs such as GIMP.  This information is a condensed and consolidated version off of Brother's linux support site ([http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/instruction_scn3.html#config1 Link])
First install the {{AUR|brscan-skey}} package.
Run the setup script for brscan-key:
# /usr/local/Brother/sane/brscan-skey-0.2.1-1.sh
Execute the tool to verify that the previously installed scanner is recognized:
# brscan-skey -l
Expect the following output:
# brscan-skey -l
DCP135C          : brother2:net1;dev0  :            Active
After you receive the above output via brscan-key, check the File-> Create list in GIMP (tested v. 2.6.4) and there should be two more entries:
XSane: Device Dialog...
XSane: brother2:net1;dev0
If the new entries appear, congratulations!  Your (networked) Brother scanner is now available via any XSane interface!

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This is a brief tutorial to make the Brother DCP-135C printer/scanner work on Arch. While this tutorial is based on the DCP-135C specifically, it can be used as a general guide for most Brother USB printers. On Brother's Linux Driver page you can find extra information along with drivers for different printer models.


Refer to the CUPS page for detailed setup instructions.

Printer drivers

Install the brother-dcp135cAUR package.


First, set up SANE.

This scanner works with Brother's brscan2AUR driver.


Shifted printer output

Take a look at file /usr/local/Brother/Printer/dcp135c/inf/brdcp135crc and verify if the value of PaperType matches your paper size.

(Change "Letter" to "A4")