Brother DCP-7030

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This is a brief tutorial how to setup the Brother DCP-7030 (multi function laser copier printer) on i686 Arch.



Install CUPS (see CUPS page).


There is the brother-dcp7030 in AUR.

Install drivers:

% yaourt -S brother-dcp7030

After installing brother-dcp7030 run

# /usr/local/Brother/cupswrapper/cupswrapperDCP7030-2.0.2

Now go to the CUPS page: http://localhost:631/

Under the Printers tab you should see a DCP7030 printer automatically installed and configured.

Note: You need run cupswrapper only once! You do not need it run every time at startup.



Install SANE:

# pacman -S sane

Add your user to scanner group:

# gpasswd -a username scanner
Note: You need to logout/login for this to take effect.


There is the brscan3 in AUR.

Install drivers:

% yaourt -S brscan3

After installing add line brother3 in the Template:Filename.

Now you can try to see if SANE recognizes your scanner

$ scanimage -L

For more info see SANE page.