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#Redirect[[CUPS/Printer-specific problems]]
This is a brief tutorial to make the Brother DCP-7065DN printer/scanner work on Arch.  It is largely a duplicate of the tutorial for the Brother HL-2030, with changes specific to the Brother DCP-7065DN.
===Download Printer drivers===
If you previously tried to install the printer in CUPS, remove it.
Install the necessary dependancies :
$ pacman -S cups ghostscript gsfonts
Then create a temporary directory.
Then you must download the official LPR drivers from the Brother website into that directory. Click [http://www.brother.com/cgi-bin/agreement/agreement.cgi?dlfile=http://www.brother.com/pub/bsc/linux/dlf/dcp7065dnlpr-2.1.0-1.i386.rpm&lang=English_lpr here] (and agree to their terms). This is an RPM archive.
You have to download the cupswrapper file [http://www.brother.com/cgi-bin/agreement/agreement.cgi?dlfile=http://www.brother.com/pub/bsc/linux/dlf/cupswrapperDCP7065DN-2.0.4-2.i386.rpm&lang=English_gpl here] (and agree to their terms). This script creates the filters and PPD file for CUPS automatically. It's an RPM archive too.
===Extracting the RPM files===
Now you need a small script called rpmextract which allows you to get the files included in the RPM you have just downloaded.
Log in as root and execute :
# pacman -S rpmextract
Extract both RPM files :
$ rpmextract.sh dcp7065dnlpr-2.1.0-1.i386.rpm
$ rpmextract.sh cupswrapperDCP7065DN-2.0.4-2.i386.rpm
It should give you two directories : usr and var.
===Editing files to make it work with Arch===
Arch Linux uses its own file system organization, so you have to edit some files.
Use your text editor (i.e. vi) to open the file named cupswrapperDCP7065DN-2.0.4
If you created the temporary directory "tmp" in your home, this file will be in /home/(your user)/tmp/usr/local/Brother/Printer/DCP7065DN/cupswrapper/cupswrapperDCP7065DN-2.0.4
'''In this file, you must replace all the <i>/etc/init.d/</i> occurrences by <i>/etc/rc.d/</i> and <i>/etc/init.d/cups</i> by <i>/etc/rc.d/cupsd</i>.'''
Once you have finished this step, copy all of the files to their corresponding directories in your file system :
# cp -r /home/user/tmp/usr/* /usr
# cp -r /home/user/tmp/var/* /var
===Installing the driver and printer===
Go into /usr/local/Brother/Printer/DCP7065DN/cupswrapper/ and run the cupswrapper file as root :
# cd /usr/local/Brother/Printer/DCP7065DN/cupswrapper/
# ./cupswrapperDCP7065DN-2.0.4
It will stop the cups daemon if it's running, and restart it.
===Configure the Connection===
Last step!
Now go to the CUPS page : http://localhost:631/
Under the Printers tab you should see a DCP7065DN printer <b>automatically</b> installed and configured.
Click the printers name (DCP7065DN) and in the administration drop down choose "Modify Printer"
Select "LPD/LPR Host or Printer". The next page prompts for the connection string. Enter: lpd://<Your Printers IP Address>/BINARY_P1
And thats it. Check out pages for similar printers for Scanner setup.

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