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==Brother drivers==
==Brother drivers==
Brother supplies official Linux drivers for the HL-2030. These, however, come in the form of RPM packages. They can be installed on Arch Linux in two ways: either using the {{AUR|brother-hl2030}} package from the [[AUR]] or manually following these instructions. Please note that you may have to blacklist the {{ic|usblp}} module for these drivers as well (see above).
Alternatively, [[install]] the {{AUR|brother-hl2030}} package.
===Download drivers===
First create a temporary directory. Then, you must download the official LPR drivers from the Brother web site in that directory. Click [http://www.brother.com/cgi-bin/agreement/agreement.cgi?dlfile=http://solutions.brother.com/Library/sol/printer/linux/rpmfiles/lpr_others/brhl2030lpr-2.0.1-1.i386.rpm&lang=English_lpr here]. This is an RPM archive. You also have to download the cupswrapper file from [http://www.brother.com/cgi-bin/agreement/agreement.cgi?dlfile=http://solutions.brother.com/Library/sol/printer/linux/rpmfiles/cups_wrapper/cupswrapperHL2030-2.0.1-1.i386.rpm&lang=English_gpl here]. This script creates the filters and PPD file for CUPS automatically. It is also an RPM archive.
===Extracting the RPM files===
Now, you need a small script called {{Pkg|rpmextract}} which allows you to get the files included in the RPM you have just downloaded.
Install {{Pkg|rpmextract}} from the [[official repositories]].
Extract both RPM files:
$ rpmextract.sh brhl2030lpr-2.0.1-1.i386.rpm
$ rpmextract.sh cupswrapperHL2030-2.0.1-1.i386.rpm
{{Note|{{Pkg|rpmextract}} must be run as {{Ic|rpmextract.sh}}. Using {{Ic|rpmextract}} without the {{Ic|.sh}} suffix will not work.}}
It should give you two directories: {{ic|usr}} and {{ic|var}}.
===Editing files to make them work with Arch Linux===
Arch Linux uses its own file system organisation, so you have to edit some files. Use your favorite text editor to open the file named {{ic|cupswrapperHL2030-2.0.1}}. If you created the temporary directory "{{ic|tmp}}" in your home directory, it must be in {{ic|/home/user/tmp/usr/local/Brother/cupswrapper}}. In this file, you must replace all of the {{Ic|/etc/init.d/}} occurrences with {{Ic|/etc/rc.d/}}.
Then you have to edit the file {{ic|usr/local/Brother/inf/setupPrintcap}}, and replace {{Ic|/etc/printcap.local}} with {{Ic|/etc/printcap}}.
When that is done, copy all of the files in their corresponding directories:
# cp -r /home/user/tmp/usr/* /usr
# cp -r /home/user/tmp/var/* /var
===Installing the driver and printer===
Go into {{ic|/usr/local/Brother/cupswrapper/}} and run the {{ic|cupswrapper}} file:
# cd /usr/local/Brother/cupswrapper/
# ./cupswrapperHL2030-2.0.1
It will stop the {{Ic|cups}} daemon if it is running, and then restart it. Now, go to the CUPS page - http://localhost:631/ -  and in the "Administartion" category, choose Manage printers. There you should see a HL2030 printer ''automatically'' installed and configured. Click to print the test page, and you can hear the sweet sound of your printer.
===Compatibility with Brother HL-2035===
Brother does not (yet) provide specific drivers for the HL-2035, but the HL-2030 drivers seem to work fine for this model as well. Use at your own risk, though.

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This is a small tutorial to make the Brother HL-2030 printer work on Arch Linux.

Foomatic drivers

This method also works with the Brother HL-2035 printer.

To install the required software and drivers: cups, a2ps, foomatic-db and foomatic-db-engine.

Now go to http://localhost:631

  • Go to Administration
  • Click 'Add Printer'
  • Choose 'Brother HL-2030 series' at 'Local Printers' (if the printer is connected and powered)
  • Select one of the drivers for your model and click 'continue'
  • Configure your printer

If the printer does not work now, try a different driver for your model (the recommended 'Brother HL-2030 Foomatic/hl1250 (en)' worked fine for me).

Driver from openprinting.org

For using a Brother HL-2030 printer with CUPS, and you are unsuccessful using the foomatic drivers, you might consider using the recommended HL-2030 drivers from openprinting.org. These can be found here. Download the hl1250 file and place it in e.g. /usr/share/cups/model/.

Configure the CUPS server by the method of your choice and you should be good to go.

Brother drivers

Alternatively, install the brother-hl2030AUR package.