Brother HL-2140

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The Brother HL-2140 is a greyscale laser printer. It is compatible with CUPS on Arch Linux, using the hplip driver collection.

Install packages

Install cups and hplip. If you have previously installed printing-related packages, you may want to remove them and any other configurations or modifications you've applied.

Download PPD

Download the necessary PPD from OpenPrinting's HL-2140 page (direct link).

Start CUPS

If it is not already running, start CUPS:

# systemctl start cups.service

If you want CUPS to be enabled on startup, enable it:

# systemctl enable cups.service

Add printer

If you haven't already, connect the printer to your computer. Next, get the address of the printer by running:

# lpinfo -v

If you are using a direct USB connection, look for the line beginning with direct usb://. Next add the printer. The name is up to you.

lpadmin -E -p <name> -v <address> -P </path/to/ppd_file>

Check that the printer was added successfully:

lpstat -p

Print a test file:

lpr -P <name> </path/to/file>

If you want, make the printer the default:

lpoptions -d <name>

See the article on CUPS for more in-depth instructions.