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=== 64 bit system===
If you are running a pure 64 bit system, then you may see this debug message in the CUPS error log file:
''/usr/lib/cups/filter/brlpdwrapperHL2270DW: line 141: /usr/local/Brother/Printer/HL2270DW/cupswrapper/brcupsconfig4: No such file or directory''
This occurs because ''brcupsconfig4'' needs package '''lib32-glibc'''
# pacman -S lib32-glibc
===Margins are off===
===Margins are off===

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This is a short tutorial on installing the Brother HL-2270DW printer with CUPS on Arch Linux.

Installing printer driver

Install rpmextract from the official repositories.

# pacman -S rpmextract

Download printer driver from the Brother web site

$ mkdir ~/brother && cd ~/brother
$ wget http://www.brother.com/pub/bsc/linux/dlf/cupswrapperHL2270DW-2.0.4-2.i386.rpm
$ wget http://www.brother.com/pub/bsc/linux/dlf/hl2270dwlpr-2.1.0-1.i386.rpm

Extract those rpm

$ rpmextract.sh cupswrapperHL2270DW-2.0.4-2.i386.rpm
$ rpmextract.sh hl2270dwlpr-2.1.0-1.i386.rpm

Copy files into /usr/local

$ sudo cp -R ./usr/local/Brother /usr/local

Use this PPD and cups filter, extracted from Brother installation script

$ wget https://raw.github.com/bvanheu/brother/master/HL2270DW/HL2270.PPD
$ wget https://raw.github.com/bvanheu/brother/master/HL2270DW/brlpdwrapperHL2270DW
$ chmod +x brlpdwrapperHL2270DW
$ sudo cp brlpdwrapperHL2270DW /usr/lib/cups/filter/
$ sudo cp HL2270.PPD /usr/share/cups/model/

Setup printer and CUPS

Note: This article details how to setup you printer over a LAN or WLAN connection.

This printer has a web-based interface. To avoid some extra Google queries, the HL-2270DW web interface default username is 'admin' and the default password is 'access'.

It is recommended that you configure the HL-2270DW to have a static IP so that CUPS will always work with it (steps not detailed in this article).

  1. Install CUPS and Foomatic:
    # pacman -S cups a2ps
  2. Start the cups daemon:
    # systemctl start cups
  3. Open a web browser to http://localhost:631/
  4. Click the Add Printer button on the Administration tab.

Using IPP

  1. Select IPP from the list.
  2. In the 'Connection' field, type
  3. In the next form, give the printer a unique name (no spaces and the name be must unique from any identical printers), and select "Brother" from the printer make field.
  4. Select "Brother HL-2270DW for CUPS (en)" from the list of drivers.
  5. Configure the default options on the next page to your liking
    1. Set Duplex to DuplexNoTumble for double-side printing
    2. Set TonerSave to on to enable toner saving


64 bit system

If you are running a pure 64 bit system, then you may see this debug message in the CUPS error log file:

/usr/lib/cups/filter/brlpdwrapperHL2270DW: line 141: /usr/local/Brother/Printer/HL2270DW/cupswrapper/brcupsconfig4: No such file or directory

This occurs because brcupsconfig4 needs package lib32-glibc

# pacman -S lib32-glibc

Margins are off

If your margins are off, you can try to use the Brother HL-2170W.

  1. Click here to download the PPD file for the Brother HL-2170W
  2. Install hplip
  3. Go to CUPS->administration->manage printers. Select your printer. Then in the administration drop-down select 'modify printer'.
  4. Once you get to the Menu asking you to select your printer, click on "select another make/manufacturer". Next click on the "choose file" button.
  5. Select Brother-HL-2170W-hpijs-pcl5e.ppd

Some simple reminders

  1. Sometimes if you get simple errors like "spool not ready" or "ipp backend failed", there is a good chance you have to resume the printer by selecting the Maintenance drop down and selecting Resume Printer.