Brother HL-3150CDW

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This guide explains how to install a Brother HL-3150CDW color laser printer using CUPS.


This tutorial assumes you have already configured the CUPS printer server. There is plenty of existing information to get this working. By the other hand, I assume you have pure systemd archlinux system.


Download and extract drivers

  • Download the drivers: LPRDriver and cupswrapperdriver
  • Install rpmextract: pacman -S rpmextract
  • make a directory, for example mkdir ~/brother
  • extract the contents of rpm in that directory: cd ~/brother, *.rpm
  • it makes two subdirectories: usr and opt

Adapt the drivers to systemd

The cupswrapper is for init.d systems, but archlinux now uses systemd. So we have to adapt cupswrapper. Do that:

  • In ./opt/brother/Printers/hl3150cdw/cupswrapper/cupswrapperhl3150cdw, change all the ocurrences of
if [  -e /etc/init.d/cups ]; then
   /etc/init.d/cups restart


systemctl restart cups.service
  • You have to do the same with stop and start cups service.
  • At final, you should have the ./opt/brother/Printers/hl3150cdw/cupswrapper/cupswrapperhl3150cdw with the following contents:

Install in your system

  • As root, copy the contents of ~/brother/opt to /opt and ~/brother/usr/bin/brprintconf_hl3150cdw to /usr/bin/
  • As root:
# cd /opt/brother/Printers/hl3150cdw/cupswrapper/
# ./cupswrapperhl3150cdw
  • It automatically add a printer in cups, with usb interface. In my case, I can't print any page with USB, but if you change USB by lpd://<your IP printer>/BINARY_P1, everything is OK (remember than HL-3150CDW has wifi connection)