Brother HL-5140

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This is a small tutorial to make the Brother HL-5140 printer work on Arch Linux. If you previously tried to install the printer in CUPS, remove it.

Gutenprint drivers

Install cups, gutenprint and ghostscript.

Next configure cups to allow access to the web interface for relevent users:

A user-name and password will be required when administering the printer in the web interface, such as: adding or removing printers, stopping print tasks, etc. The default user-name is the one assigned in the sys group, or root (change this by editing /etc/cups/cupsd.conf in the line of SystemGroup). (Source)

Then blacklist the usblp kernel module. See Kernel_modules#Blacklisting for instructions.

Now turn on and plug in the printer. Then start the cups daemon.

Now go to http://localhost:631

  • Go to Administration
  • Click 'Add Printer'
  • Select the printer (which should be listed under 'Local Printers') and click 'Continue'
  • Configure the name, description, location and sharing.
  • Select 'Brother' as the printer make
  • Select 'Brother HL-5140 - CUPS+Gutenprint vX.X.X (xx)' and then click 'Add Printer'
  • Finish by configuring any settings

The printer should work fine now.