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The Brother MFC-465CN is a network capable multi-function printer, first produced in 2007. Brother provides Linux printer and scanner drivers for all its machines, however these are not normally distributed with the usual series of Linux distribution printer driver packages (e.g hplip). Before continuing the user should read the CUPS wiki.

Required packages

Install cups, cups-filters, ghostscript, gsfonts, foomatic-filters and a2ps from Official Repositories.

Install MFC-465CN Cupswrapper and MFC-465CN line printer filters from the AUR

Note: If you use x86_64 (Arch 64 bit), you must also install lib32-libcups (from the multilibs repository). If not, the printer job job queue appears to have been printed successfully, but the printer does nothing and the CUPS logs contain no definitive error messages. (You may need to uncomment the "Multilibs" line in your /etc/pacman.conf file to enable this repository).

Run the "cupswrapper" script

As root run the script:

# /usr/local/brother/Printer/mfc465cn/cupswrapper/cupswrappermfc465cn

This script will stop the cups daemon if it's running, attempt to find and configure your printer, install the drivers and restart CUPS.

Configure the Printer on the CUPS Server

Using your browser navigate to the CUPS server. In the Administration category, choose Manage printers. There you should see a MFC-465CN printer automatically installed and configured. It is usually configured to use the USB port. If the printer is used as a network printer you need to modify the printer configuration. Select Brother MFC-465CN in the device list. Then run through these steps: Administration, Modify Printer, Other Network Printing, AppSocket/HP Direct, Connection: . Then enter your IP address, example:


Your IP address will be different - find it in the LAN configuration on the MFC printer menu. Click to print a test page. If no printing, double-check all packages and steps above have been completed properly, restart CUPS ( #systemctl restart cups.service), restart the printer and ensure the printer's state is Idle, accepting jobs. If still no printing visit the CUPS wiki, Troubleshooting section.


To scan with the MFC-465CN your must install the brscan2 and brscan-skey packages from the AUR. Install brscan2 and brscan-skey AUR.

Then follow these instructions: brother scanning.


Brother Linux website