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btpd is a BitTorrent client daemon.


It's in AUR, get/installit it with your AUR helper or manually.

$ cower -d btpd && makepkg && pacman -U *.pkg


The configuration lies in /etc/conf.d/btpd. Actually in the file there's just a definition for $BTPD_ARGS, which is included in /etc/rc.d/btpd. The configuration file could look something like this:

# Arguments to be passed to the BitTorrent Protocol Daemon

btpdUSER="s"    # See the note, for this option to work.

OUTLIMIT="0"    # Measured in kB/s, 0 means unlimited.
INLIMIT="0"     # Measured in kB/s, 0 means unlimited.
# See other options in `man btpd`

BTPD_ARGS="-d $DIR -p $PORT --bw-out $OUTLIMIT --bw-in $INLIMIT"

NOTE: It's meant to be used from userland, although you could run it from your user, but that requires a tweak in the default deamon. Change line 11 to: "su $btpdUSER -c "/usr/bin/btpd $BTPD_ARGS" &> /dev/null".