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btpd is a BitTorrent client daemon.


Btpd is located in the AUR. It can be installed with a AUR helper or manually.

The package can be installed using cower using the following command:

$ cower -d btpd && cd btpd && makepkg -i


Btpd does not have a configuration file. Options can be applied using flags (see man btpd).


To interact with btpd use the command-line interface btcli.

Note: Don't forget to configure a working directory with -d if you don't want to use the default.

Add foo.torrent, with content dir /home/user/foo.torrent.d/, and start it:

$ btcli add -d /home/user/foo.torrent.d foo.torrent

Same as above without starting it:

$ btcli add -N -d /home/user/foo.torrent.d foo.torrent

Display a list btpd’s torrents and their number, size, status, etc:

$ btcli list

Same as above, but only for torrent 12 and my.little.torrent:

$ btcli list 12 my.little.torrent

Same as above but only for active torrents:

$ btcli list -a

Use a custom list forma:

$btcli list -f "btcli list -f "%n\t%#\t%p%s\t%r\n"

Start bar.torrent and torrent number 7:

$ btcli start bar.torrent 7

Stop torrent number 7:

$ btcli stop 7

Stop all active torrents:

$ btcli stop -a

Remove bar.torrent and it’s associated information from btpd:

$ btcli del bar.torrent

Display a summary of up/download stats for the active torrents:

$ btcli stat

Display the summary once every five seconds:

$ btcli stat -w 5

Same as above, but also display individual stats for each active torrent:

$ btcli stat -w 5 -i

Shut down btpd:

$ btcli kill

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