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== About ==
Bug Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness about our overflowing [http://bugs.archlinux.org/ bug tracker]. The goal of the day is to get the community involved in trying to help us eliminate as many bugs as possible.
=== When? ===
Bug Day happens whenever a developer gets bored.
The bugs themselves are documented on the [http://bugs.archlinux.org bug tracker]
Discussion about the bugs should be taking place in '''#archlinux-bugs''' on [[irc|IRC]]. We will try to have at least one developer active during bug day.
'''Everyone''' is allowed, invited, and encouraged to participate in Bug Day.
== Past and upcoming Bug Days ==
* [[Bug Day/2012]]
* [[Bug Day/2010]]
* [[Bug Day/2005]]
== See also ==
* [[Arch Linux Event Calendar]]

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