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NEXT BUG DAY: Saturday 19/02/11

Number of bugs:

Project At beginning At end Closed
Arch Linux 668  ?  ?
Community 61  ?  ?
Pacman 119  ?  ?
AUR 50  ?  ?
Release Engineering 61  ?  ?
Total 959  ? ?


  • Please use the bug title for the links' names, so that we don't need to click on the link to know what a bug is about.

Little helper script: http://server-speed.net/~flo/bug2wiki.sh

  • If you have fixed a bug, enclose it with <s></s> tags.
  • Ensure bugs are assigned to the right person (package maintainers do change sometimes).
  • Ensure bugs are in the right top-level project (Release Engineering, Pacman, etc.).
  • If fixes are provided for some bugs, please test and report them as fixed.






Filesystems checks or related issues

  • FS#16167 - [initscripts] Allowing a forced filesystem check directly from grub (Patch available)
  • FS#16368 - [initscripts] remount all filesystems readonly on shutdown
  • FS#16473 - [initscripts] File system (JFS) check failure in /etc/rc.sysinit
  • FS#17438 - [initscripts] causes fsck: Superblock last write time is in the future.
  • FS#17603 - [initscripts] On boot after improper shutdown, no automatic device check any more
  • FS#18141 - [initscripts] fsck return '8' not '32' on control-c during forced check during boot.
  • FS#18490 - [initscripts] needs "newline" after "checking filesystems (Patch available)

Date and time

  • FS#13684 - [initscripts] hwclock --adjust should be called to compensate for drift


Maybe advanced/complex setup should be implemented netcfg, leaving initscripts for basic setups. See http://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-dev-public/2010-March/015872.html

  • FS#9239 - [initscripts] /etc/rc.d/network stop can't work on two card bonding two ip
  • FS#10484 - [initscripts] netfs fails to shutdown when NFS shares are automounted
  • FS#10978 - [initscripts] ipv6 over ipv4 tunneling support in /etc/rc.d/network
  • FS#11781 - [initscripts] NIC bonding does not work when using dhcp
  • FS#15049 - [initscripts] network script should be able to manage tun/tap interfaces
  • FS#16114 - [initscripts] Wrong error message displayed when using multiple IPv6 on one NIC
  • FS#16625 - [initscripts] rc network script should allow more bridge device
  • FS#17612 - [initscripts] 2 Different Bonding modes
  • FS#17639 - [initscripts] Netfs not working as intended
  • FS#18562 - [initscripts] wireless network startup (/etc/rc.d/network patch)

Read-only root/live-friendly support

  • FS#9384 - [initscripts] request for read-only root support

Encrypted setups

  • FS#15257 - [initscripts] Implement an encrypted /tmp in crypttab
  • FS#17131 - [initscripts] encrypted swap is set up before random seed is restored

Other issues

  • FS#10536 - [initscripts] Add a way save a pid from killall5
  • FS#13859 - [initscripts] Udev with LDAP blocked at "Starting Udev daemon"
  • FS#18046 - [initscripts] add boot log file to initscripts (possibly via /sbin/bootlogd )
  • FS#18073 - [initscripts] Add checks to detect if running within a cgroup




  • FS#12314 - [syslog-ng] Change distribution logging system to rsyslog - make decision on which way to go on March 2010 bug day
  • FS#13357 - {core} l2tp support needed (xl2tp from community)
  • FS#13591 - [pam] Use sha512 hash for passwords for improve local security
  • FS#14835 - [openssh] GSSAPI authentication fails with Round Robin DNS hosts
  • FS#16766 - [sysfsutils] - apply settings rc.d script
  • FS#16807 - [groff] Replace groff in core by mdocml
  • FS#17312 - [gawk] /usr/bin/awk link


  • FS#16702 - [kernel26] Versioned Kernel installs - sounds like a good idea, but nobody has said they'll do it yet
  • FS#17753 - [ppp] bogus DNS server problem with 3G modems

Trivial fixes



  • FS#14598 - [openldap] enable slapd overlays (slapo)
  • FS#17099 - [gdm] Add support for seahorse-agent in default Xsession
  • FS#17157 - [kdebase-workspace] kdm allows logins even if shell is set to /sbin/nologin
  • FS#17326 - [ssmtp] setgid mail


  • FS#14252 - [kdebase-workspace] rewrites Xsetup

Trivial fixes

Fixed in testing(?)

Task assigned to ex-developers (=> now orphaned)

Maybe if some is interested in any packaged listed here then can fix and/or adopt them.



  • FS#22914 - [python2-httplib2] conflicts with httplib2 package
  • FS#22200 - [flashplugin] add optdepends for pulseaudio sw mixing support
  • FS#22753 - [Scala Language] Naming of Scala packages are ambiguous and should match their official counterparts
  • FS#21531 - [terminus-font] provide optional selection of patches


  • FS#19561 - [pkgtools] pkgfile leaves lockfile
  • FS#21973 - [pkgtools] newpkg -i do not create the .install file
  • FS#21248 - [lib32-openssl] Picasa can't login to upload
  • FS#22126 - [wmii] is not working

Trivial fixes

  • FS#22908 - [aspell-pt_br] Redundant
  • FS#20267 - [go] syntax highlighting does not work for go files in vim
  • FS#19730 - [go] Godoc does not work after default install

'* FS#22939 - [shotwell] execute update-desktop-database in install script '

  • FS#22579 - [scribes] various problems
  • FS#21638 - [any2dvd] add '-frames 0' to 'mplayer -identify'
  • FS#22326 - [cython] cannot find numpy header files
  • FS#22446 - [cdemu-daemon] [vhba-module] should add udev rules for user access
  • FS#22938 - [mplayer-vaapi] execute update-desktop-database in install script

Fixed in testing(?)



  • FS#15865 - {bugtracker} attached files should have a MIME type attached/sent


No promises on fixing these on bug day, but if any of the pacman devs or ML readers are around these would be good candidates to look at, especially if you like C and shell script coding more than fixing the above bugs.

  • (anything in the low priority section of the bug tracker...)