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This is a categorized list of some old reports.

Please use the bug title for the links' names. That way we don't need to click on the link to know what a bug is about

If you have fixed some bug - enclose it with <s></s> tags.


  • Ensure bugs are assigned to the right person. Package maintainers do change sometimes
  • Ensure bugs are in the right top-level project (Release Engineering, Pacman, etc)
  • If fixes are provided for some bugs, please test and report them as fixed



FS 13106 This bug still persists.




trivial fixes



  • IIRC, several packages still needs to be rebuilt against ffmpeg or openal.


No promises on fixing these on bug day, but if any of the pacman devs or ML readers are around these would be good candidates to look at, especially if you like C and shell script coding more than fixing the above bugs. :)

  • (anything in the low priority section of the bug tracker...)