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NEXT BUG DAY: 2009-10-03

Number of bugs:

Project At begin At end Closed
Arch Linux 593
Community 57
Pacman 103
AUR 53
Release Engineering 50
Total 856

This is a categorized list of some old reports.

Please use the bug title for the links' names. That way we don't need to click on the link to know what a bug is about

If you have fixed some bug - enclose it with <s></s> tags.


  • Ensure bugs are assigned to the right person. Package maintainers do change sometimes
  • Ensure bugs are in the right top-level project (Release Engineering, Pacman, etc)
  • If fixes are provided for some bugs, please test and report them as fixed





The following items all impact network connectivity (wired and wireless); addressing these bugs may drastically improve network performance for affected users.

  • FS#11273 - [initscripts] New network daemon fails to associate with a significant number of cards.
  • FS#11781 - [initscripts] NIC bonding does not work when using dhcp


Dev should make sure that, in the dashboard, they are listed as maintainer for both arches (i686 and x86_64) for the package thay maintain.



  • FS#16085 - [dcron] Replace with bcron
  • FS#12314 - [syslog-ng] Change distribution logging system to rsyslog


  • FS#12049 - [wpa_supplicant] rc.d script
  • FS#15471 - [kernel26] random freeze - wlan.
  • FS#15178 - [kernel26] Random freezes

Trivial fixes

  • FS#14517 - [groff] Missing pdfmark.pdf in x86_64 package - necessary to test
  • FS#13876 - [rp-pppoe] package: .so file in /etc
  • FS#16436 - [perl] scriptlet returns error - fix provided
  • FS#16123 - [vi] conflicts with vi
  • FS#15844 - [vi] ex-vi terminal too wide, vi starts in ex mode
  • FS#15367 - [mkinitcpio] config file is not found with -c

Fixed in testing(?)



  • FS#6047 - [aspell-*] provide more language packages
  • FS#15540 - [gtk2] huge problems viewing jpeg images with many programs. fix provided


  • FS#7549 - [gnome-mount] Default mount option for vfat media disk
  • FS#11284 - [squashfs-tools] Hang with mksquashfs and large filesystem
  • FS#15620 - [curl] Add SSL support
  • FS#16444 - [xfce4] cleanup the xfce4 group

Trivial fixes

  • FS#15559 - [audacious] non-UTF-8 tag encodings don't work in 2.1-1 - fix provided
  • FS#14520 - [boo] Missing boo-mime-info.xml in i686
  • FS#13909 - [courier-imap] need authdaemon at startup - fix provided
  • FS#14577 - [dbus-python] Missing docs in x86_64 pkg - fix provided
  • FS#12096 - [erlang] There isn't a symlink to erl_call tool in /usr/bin - fix provided
  • FS#14580 - [lensfun] Missing docs in x86_64 pkg
  • FS#14546 - [libmtp] Missing doc files in x86_64 pkg - fix provided
  • FS#16308 - [liquidwar] Liquidwar needs a rebuild
  • FS#14529 - [qof] Missing html docs in i686 pkg - fix provided on 0.8.0
  • FS#10026 - [twisted] may depend on pyopenssl
  • FS#15113 - [rdesktop] apply physical mouse patch - fix provided
  • FS#14749 - [vorbis-tools] configure with --enable-vcut
  • FS#15426 - [deluge] update home in passwd - already fixed
  • FS#16320 - [nicotine] missing optdepends (python-sexy) - already fixed
  • FS#16321 - [nicotine] python-geoip could be an optdepend - already fixed
  • FS#16263 - [git] Add contrib/ installation - fix provided
  • FS#8399 - [apache] pkgbuild backup for logrotate - fixed in SVN
  • FS#12460 - [bitlbee] xinetd should be now only an optional dep
  • FS#16383 - [qtpfsgui] optdepends on dcraw - fix provided
  • FS#12633 - [alltray] 0.70-1.1 x86_64 does not work - fix provided
  • FS#15971 - [typespeed] is using /usr/var instead of /var - already fixed
  • FS#13067 - [indent] Missing manual page and locales - fix provided
  • FS#16228 - [mercurial] move vim syntax file
  • FS#16211 - [flashplugin] could have some opt dependencies
  • FS#14595 - [monotone] dependency on boost is wrong
  • FS#14593 - [fetchmail] depends on tk - fix provided
  • FS#15119 - [hugin] missing dependency ?
  • FS#13927 - [cmatrix] has unlisted dependency
  • FS#16437 - [pm-utils] make vbetool an optional dependency
  • FS#16180 - [vim] typo in optdepends
  • FS#15720 - [w3m] Build with graphics support
  • FS#15580 - [xulrunner] enable python/xpcom extension
  • FS#15453 - [bittorrent] rc Script for bittorrent tracker
  • FS#14316 - [xdg-utils] should depend on xorg-utils
  • FS#16300 - [vim-omnicppcomplete] lacks help documentation - fix provided

Fixed in testing(?)

Task assigned to ex-developers (=> now orphaned)

Maybe if some is interested in any packaged listed here then can fix and/or adopt them.


  • FS#16213 - [amaya] fails to insert one image



  • FS#16027 - [tvision] missing makedepends on 'gcc34'

Trivial fixes

  • FS#16031 - [qgo] depend on qt3 instead qt - already fixed
  • FS#16209 - [asciidoc] Missing dependencies.
  • FS#16229 - [txt2tags] move vim syntax files
  • FS#16086 - [quassel] Oxygen-icons missing from dependecies
  • FS#16173 - [shfs] package is compiled for wrong kernel version - fix provided
  • FS#15975 - [hsoconnect] additional required dependency
  • FS#16168 - [osmo] need for enable backup support package libtar from AUR

Fixed in testing(?)



  • FS#11312 - Allow for Multiple Maintainers


No promises on fixing these on bug day, but if any of the pacman devs or ML readers are around these would be good candidates to look at, especially if you like C and shell script coding more than fixing the above bugs. :)

  • (anything in the low priority section of the bug tracker...)