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CDM is a minimalistic, yet full-featured replacement for login-managers like slim, kdm, gdm and qingy that provides a fast, dialog-based login system without the overhead of the X Window System or the instability of qingy. Written in pure bash, CDM has no other dependencies, yet supports multiple users/sessions and can start virtually any DE/WM.

A package is available in the AUR.


You can configure CDM by editing Template:Filename. It is fully documented and should be relatively easy to figure out.

Before you can use CDM, you must copy the xinitrc supplied in /usr/share/cdm/skel to the home directory of each user (or merge the contents of said file).

Starting X

Login to the console and select your prefered session (or console, if allowed) from the menu.

Additional users may be logged in by switching to tty1 (ctrl+alt+f1). If the user is already logged in, CDM will automatically activate their pre-existing session.

Own commands

Note: CDM now has an option to enable built-in shutdown support, however, this section is left as a general reference.

If you want to add entries like shutdown which needs parameters you have to save the command in an executable script and add the script with full path to the wmbinlist array. E.g. shutdown:

  • /script/shutdown

shutdown -h now
  • /etc/cdmrc
wmbinlist=( ... /script/shutdown ... )